What is Antivirus Software?

Antivirus Software

Since everything is connected to Internet especially your computer decades ago, antivirus software has been one of the most important segments of the tech industry. It’s become so ubiquitous in fact; that many people still don’t know what is antivirus software? And that’s why they become the victim of new threats. 

This guide is all about Antivirus software. You can learn various things about antivirus software while using it, or if you’re going to purchase antivirus software for the first time. Read on.

What is Antivirus Software?

The basic and crucial work of antivirus software is to protect your devices from viruses. Viruses include many terms such as malware, spyware and etc. Additionally, antivirus software also performs a few of the major activities that produce few other security features on your system.

Every antivirus software works differently and offers multiple features. However, most antivirus software provides real-time protection, which can protect your devices from incoming threats; scan your entire computer on daily basis for known threats, and provide automatic updates. Additionally, it can identify, block and delete malicious codes and software.


As we know, so many activities are not conducted online and new threats emerge every day, it’s more crucial than ever to install a protective antivirus program.

Antivirus Software and Computer Protection Software

There is no difference between antivirus software and computer protection software. Actually, antivirus software can be called computer protection software, but computer protection software cannot. Both protect your pc and secure your data and they might be different in just offerings.

Antivirus programs and computer protection software are perfectly designed to evaluate data such as web pages, files, software, and applications to help find and eradicate malware as quickly as possible.

Most Windows and iOS devices come with built-in antivirus or virus protection software. However, they might be not helpful in serious cases.

Is Antimalware the Same as Antivirus?

Antivirus and antimalware software were both developed to detect and protect against malicious software. While the term antivirus denotes only that it can only protect against computer viruses, its features often protect against the many common forms of malware today.

On the other side, antimalware goes one step further and focuses on broader, more advanced, software threats. In the end, we can say the antimalware and antivirus software are not the same.  They complement one another to act as the highest level of defense against malicious software, along with healthy online habits.

We can say, antimalware advances activity compare to antivirus, like zero-day attacks, while antivirus software defends against the traditional, more established threats.

How Does Antivirus Software Work?

Antivirus software works by comparing your computer applications and files to a database of known malware kinds. Because hackers are continually creating and disseminating new viruses, they will also check systems for the presence of new or undiscovered threats.

What Should Your Antivirus Software Include?

Your antivirus should include one of the best features that can protect your systems from old and new threats.  Here are few things you should check on while purchasing antivirus software:

Real-time Scanning –  This features works in real-time and actively checks out programs and processes that seem suspicious and move.  It also blocks them before it can manipulate your system. Make sure your antivirus program should include this feature.

Automatic Updates – Updates are crucial and it makes the first attempt to protect your system. It has been noticed that updated software and pc systems are less vulnerable to viruses and malware in comparison to outdated ones. Make sure your antivirus program should provide automatic updates.

Protection for Multiple Apps – Most threats are spreads through the use of unidentified apps and services that you rely on for your daily task. From email clients to instant messenger platforms and certainly internet browsers, harmful software can sneak into your system from a variety of different sources.  Antivirus programs need to protect multiple vulnerable apps from potential dangers, otherwise, you’re leaving your hardware dangerously exposed.

Auto-Clean –  It is important that once the antivirus program finds the threat on the device it removes it on the spot, rather than simply place the malware in a quarantine zone upon detection, and wait for you to log on and manually delete it.

Fights Against All Types of Viruses

Malware includes different kinds of threats or viruses such as viruses, spyware, Trojans, bots, etc. These different kinds of viruses can harm your computer in one way. Make sure your antivirus should be designed such as that can protect you from more than one kind of threat. Because antivirus programs are sometimes designed only to target a specific type of software. It’s better to go with a program that can comprehensively detect all or almost all of the various forms that malware takes.

Recommendation-All-in-one Troubleshoot

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Waredot offering offers different features at different prices; you can choose the software as per your requirements.


Hey guys! This was the guide about “What is Antivirus Software.” Whether you’re a beginner or already using any antivirus software, this article would give something unique, maybe you’re looking for.  Even a penny is important so before paying for any software, make sure you compare the best alternatives. This guide would help you to learn that edge or basis on that you can compare. In the last section, hope you find this best antivirus software at a minimal cost.

Hope you find this article helpful and informative. If you’ve any queries regarding this article, please let us know in the comment section. We would be glad to answer you!

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